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Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall - SILENCE most deadly of all

F/U - CO This is in F/U (follow-up) to my ActiveRain post written "CO Poisoning, the Silent Killer." By definition carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas. For more information look it up and know the signs. Since last night, qualified contractors and technicians have been working inside and outside my house, installing a new and complete Air Conditioning unit. Still waiting for the Gas Dryer technician... I can't say whether or not I experienced low to moderate levels of CO symptoms, but I can say for about 78 hours I have experienced the following: Headaches (not normal for me)Fatigue (increased sleepiness throughout the day) without sound sleep.Shortness of breath (inability to walk from front door to the mailbox without getting out of breath).Nausea (dry heaves and nothing on my stomach).Dizziness (waking up feeling drunk, bed moving) and I am not drinking alcohol Computer running slow to frozen and not performing efficiently (not normal)T.V. not turning on (not normal)Refrigerator making strange noises and working harder than usual Business, as usual but running out of fuel more frequently even when driving Whether or not I have suffered from heat exhaustion or Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, I don't know, but it does give me an opportunity to share what I believe is important information. Heating and Air Conditioning systems are mechanical man-made pieces of equipment and parts subject to malfunction. Having an annual service to your units (which I do religiously) in the spring and fall are no guarantee that systems won't fail or run efficiently until the next check-up. Bottom line, never assume systems are functioning normal or that you'll have time to make repairs when it's convenient and you're ready. Household appliances that can pose as a threat include: Furnace, Water Heater, Gas Dryer, Stove, and Charcoal Grill. YOU'RE NEVER READY Summer heat is something I have adapted to in TX and frost bite is something I learned the hard way living in Chicago. Experiencing something abnormal puts one in a state of confusion. As I compose my thoughts, contractors are diligently working in my attic (nearly 300 degrees up there) where temperatures far exceed 100 degrees indoors, and the outdoor temperatures are unpleasant, very hot, and humid. Thankfully, relief is on the way while my 23 year old units gave up and surrendered to wherever they may land, and by the way, local hotels had mercy but not enough to charge less than $239.00 for one night; therefore, I did not stay in a hotel. RECOMMENDATIONS When the human body is out of sorts, check for mechanical failure too.Have your systems checked, inspected, and serviced regularly by qualified technicians or physicians.Never assume a problem will go away and put business needs ahead of your own.Know the symptoms and signs of low to high moderate levels of CO High levels include: mental confusion, vomiting, loss of muscular coordination, loss of consciousness, and possible death) Make sure your gas appliances are vented properly Make sure to have your chimney checked and cleaned, dryer vents too.Never let a car inside the garage run while you're trying to cool off or warm up even for a minute MOST IMPORTANT MESSAGE OF ALL Though seasonal challenges are many, never assume the Invisible Killer (colorless, odorless, poisonous gas) isn't knocking on your door.

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