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And the Day Came...

Have you ever noticed that every flower embodies aspects of you,

your timidness; then hopes to blossom into something bigger

and brighter, more beautiful and shy, why?

The spirit of springtime comes alive when flowers bloom,

then tested by rain, wind, and fire. In the midst of

every other day flowers change from radiant to loneliness

just watch the petals hide their face, why?

Softness turns brittle over time, it's one of those changes

that can not be denied, but why can't things stay the same?

Does the flower beg, pick me!

Take care of me or does it give up, why?

Could a smile help a flower grow bigger, better,

bolder, and would a flower feel brand new?

Flowers are a random act of kindness to mankind.

They stimulate people to be kind, give pleasure, pick flowers

for they are pick-me-uppers with no strings attached, why?

Scatter seeds from the sunflower and birds come,

butteflies too, and of course there's me and you,

We are thankful for flowers to which rarely

do we give thanks to Mother Nature, why?

Imagine a world without flowers,

I would cry. Would the world turn out hard and cruel,

prickly like cacti? I would simply die, how about you?

--- Patricia Feager

Patricia's Tip for the Day

©A flower is a blessing.